Metal Polishing (mechanical metal polishing)

MME Surface Finishing has the largest capacity to mechanically polish all types of stainless steel raw materials.

MME Surface Finishing uses automated and semi-automated machines to mechanically polish stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.


We provide Metal Polishing for

  • Sheets (up to 6mm x 1500mm x 7000mm)
  • Plates (up to 40mm x 1500mm x 7000mm)
  • Tube/Pipe (up to 500NB x 6000mm)
  • Flat bar (up to 6000mm)
  • Angle (up to 6000mm)
  • RHS/SHS (up to 6000mm)


Surface Finishes

The smoother the surface, the greater the protection against tea-staining & corrosion and cleaning (eg, limiting external salt & dust becoming lodged on surface).

Depending on the type of metal, its current state and the required end use finish, will determine the grit or grain of abrasive to use to mechanically polish.

  • No.4 (240 Grit) – Internal Installation (0.7um Ra)
  • No.6 (320 Grit) – External Installation (< 0.5um Ra)
  • No.7 (400 Grit) – Pharmaceutical (< 0.4um Ra)
  • No.7.5 (600 Grit) – Mirror Preparation (< 2.0um Rz)
  • No.7.5 (600 Grit) & Electropolished – Mirror-like (< 1.0um Rz)


Protective Coating

MME also applies protective coating suitable for all types of laser and water cutters.

  • Laser Film (100um)
  • Black & White (80um)
  • Clear (50um)



  • MME produces certificates for all polishing