Electropolishing (electro-chemical metal polishing)


MME are market leaders in Electropolishing (ISO 15730)

  • 6.5m x 1.2m x 1.5m bath tanks


Electropolishing uses an electric current to selectively:

  • Remove surface flaws & impurities
  • Remove high points and round troughs
  • Passivates greater than any other process and gives maximum protection against tea-staining & corrosion
  • Brightens the surface finish to provide a bright and shiny chrome-like appearance
  • Smoothes the surface enabling the surface to naturally wash, thereby significantly diminishing the likelihood of future rust
  • Maximises the protection of stainless steel against tea-staining and corrosion


Internal Electropolishing

  • Additionally, MME undertakes internal electropolishing of large vessels for the pharmaceutical and medical industries



  • MME produces certificates for chemical treatments